The first thing I want to tell you is that, if you think you want to publish a blog, run right out and secure your blogname. I’d been thinking for a long time about having a blog named Book Spaces, where I could talk informally about

  • the space I inhabit when I read a particular book, and different kinds of books
  • the spaces I go to when I want to read a good book
  • the marginal spaces on the page, that set off the words, and where I like to comment on my reading
  • the sense of space and place created by typography (for example, my current inability to get the spacing right on this post will affect how you read it)
  • the spaces of possibility represented by the pages still unread, or by a book not-quite-yet-opened
  • the places where I find, and store, our books — especially favorite libraries and bookstores and bookshelves
  • even the spaces (material, temporal, mental, even technological) I find in my busy life to write books and write about books. I’m a literature professor, though this blog is for personal reading and musing about reading. I’d call it “pleasure reading” except just about all my reading brings me some kind of pleasure.
Sounds great, right? However, Book Spaces is not available as a blog. I’m sure the people are perfectly nice and they certainly beat me to the name, so I am not glowering at them, or at least I am trying not to. I tried out other names, but none seemed just right. Until someone (see suggested Booksilver to me. Hooray! I’ll tell you more about Booksilver next time.