With the snow beginning to melt and the power — I hope — coming back on, perhaps you’d like to read something related to SNOW.

Here’s a book I loved as a child. I can picture right where it was shelved, at the Lee Whedon Memorial Library in Medina, NY. It looks like the Nioga library system does still have a copy of this book.

Rebecca Caudill, Schoolroom in the Parlor

Growing up near Buffalo, NY, I never really thought much about getting “snowed in” because snow was just part of everyday life — it took moving to Philadelphia to realize that some people actually get to stay home from school when it snows! But I liked reading about getting snowed in.

The two wonderful things about this book:

1. The heavy winter snows mean that the children in this family can’t walk to school, so they set up a “schoolroom in the (little-used) parlor,” with older sister Althy as teacher. A perfect story for a young reader who played school with her stuffed animals! As a child, I especially liked the idea that a regular space like home could transform into a special place — an idea space — like a classroom.

2. At one point in the story, they go outside to see the Northern Lights: great curtains of light falling through the night sky. I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights ever since. Here’s a quick selection of the wonders you can sample if you Google “northern lights” in an Image search:

I read this book to my kids and they also loved it.

Do you have a good “snowed in” story?

Or are you likely to get snowed in again this winter? Head to the library, grab a copy of this book, stock up on popcorn and cocoa, and dig in!