While traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday last week, we stopped in at Little Shop of Stories, a wonderful bookstore in Decatur, Georgia.

Little Shop of Stories, from news.bookweb.org (see article below)

They sell mostly children’s books but have a long wall of Young Adult books (my teenager was in heaven) and a select variety of adult books. Their children’s selection is outstanding; it made me wish I had about eight children so that I could sample the whole range of literature, from infants on up.

As it was, I could hardly decide what to buy. I’d pick up a book and tuck it under my arm, then pick up another, and another… then regretfully sort through them and set one down — then another would catch my eye!

Buying books in a store like this is like blueberry picking: you tell yourself it’s time to finish up and go home, but you can always see just one more juicy blue orb asking you bring it home.

Wikimedia Commons, Jeff Kubina

Maybe this analogy occurs to me because we also stopped at the remarkable DeKalb International Farmers’ Market for fruit, bread, and of course chocolate!

In the end, after a pleasant 45 minutes of dithering at Little Shop of Stories, I bought four books: two for my teenager, and two for my younger child. I can’t tell you what they are, because they read this blog…. but you can check out Little Shop of Stories on its webpage (click here) or in this article (click here). Stop by, sit down, and browse through their appealing shelves.

(If you’re anything like me, you now have the theme song from “Little Shop of Horrors” winding endlessly through your brain. Sorry!)